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where to begin

From:Marty Rosenberg <vortexconcultures@...>
Date:Monday, January 19, 2004, 1:46
I'm curious as to why this didn't even get to the list
when I sent it from hotmail, but then again, what can
I expect from Microsoft? Now that the plain text
Yahoo! Mail thing is solved, I can send it from Yahoo!
again. Yahoo!

So many things to say...

First of all - and I don't remember who this was too,
as I don't have the old digests anymore -, when I said
an interesting orthography doesn't make for an
interesting language, I didn't mean that orthography
was useless or boring in any way. In fact, I create an
a sound set first, immediately followed by the
orthography. If I can't create an interesting
orthography for something, I start over.

Second, I don't know where to place the language in
it's surroundings. At what point in time do I place
it? (McWhorter: Latin didn't just become French. It
had to go through "Fratin".) What place, or dialect?
What point on a potential dialect continuum? Should I
decide this before or after I create the language?

And fourth (yes, fourth :-D), where should I start?
Creating roots? Words? Sound set? Orthography?
Grammar? Which part of the grammar? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!
:-s *Breathes deeply*

Sorry to be such a burden... Thanks in advance for all
the help! ;-)

Marty Rosenberg
Ah, the power of the word cheese.

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