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Re: where to begin

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Monday, January 19, 2004, 7:58
Quoting Marty Rosenberg <vortexconcultures@...>:

> Second, I don't know where to place the language in > it's surroundings. At what point in time do I place > it? (McWhorter: Latin didn't just become French. It > had to go through "Fratin".) What place, or dialect? > What point on a potential dialect continuum? Should I > decide this before or after I create the language?
Deciding on this is hardly necessary to start off with the basics of grammar, phonology and vocabulary. If the lang's part of an elaborate coniverse, I should expect it to solve itself pretty much, otherwise you can just keep it undefined till inspiration strikes.
> And fourth (yes, fourth :-D), where should I start? > Creating roots? Words? Sound set? Orthography? > Grammar? Which part of the grammar? I'M SO CONFUSED!!! > :-s *Breathes deeply*
I typically start with phonology, followed by orthography (writing everything in IPA gets annoying quickly!) and/or morphology. A few words are coined very early on, to help giving me a feel for the lang, but further development of the vocabulary tends to wait till the aforementioned is basically nailed down, as do syntax. Of course, later on anything can be revised, altho I seem to stick more tenaciously to my designs than many people here. Not that that stopped me from culling Tairezazh's monophthong inventory from twelve to eight well into the project. As others have said, that's just my way. You'll have to find out/decide yours yourself, but hopefull hearing what works for others is some help. Andreas