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Re: Etabnannimizing Tsiressa Orthography

From:Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...>
Date:Monday, February 3, 2003, 23:26
Kristov lauarasûk sarrastak:
(or Krtsov avsrats: /kr=Stov 3zr=4aS/
> > Example: > > Dritaa iwtanh kamaadh, yseyniid tosqsirat avjutud... > > ...ya, tuyniide ysewsirat tann, pvetsa tosqsirat sin inuut > mun ysedah! > > > > /drit:3 1da:n k3m:ad: s\IJid: tUst1rat 3\vJ\}tud > > ja t1J:idI s\Iz1rat t:an bISta tUst1rat sin 1n:ut mun s\Idah/
> Well, the system looks good, very Etabnannimous. It even uses > some of the principles of the "regular" parts of Maggel > orthography (like prefixed digraphs). I like it so far, > though I don't really have much to comment on it, except that > it looks definitely naturalistic, the kind of orthography > that would arise after three or four centuries without > spelling reforms :) .
The problem I was having is that my phonology is too small for a really satisfying difficult orthography, or too big. (I could see a conlang with no voice distinction using voiced glyphs for unvoiced+a common vowel, or for a common type of cluster...) Certainly I could cut down on my glyph pool, or something atrocious like that... --- Shreyas