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Proto-Indo-European to Calistan

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 24, 2001, 2:10
Now I'm explain how Calistan gets its consonant and vowel phonology.

PIE > Cal Pron
p > f [f]
bh, (b) > b [b]
t > t [t]
d > d_ [d~] or [t~] (pharyngealized)
dh > d [d]
k > þ/th [T]
g > ð_/d_h [D~] or [z~]
gh > ð/dh [D]
kw > k [k]
gw > q [G]
gwh > g [g]
s > s or z [s] or [z]
h1, h2 > x [S]
h3, h > h [h] or [x]
m, m, r, l > no change
_u > v [v]
_i > j [j]

a, e, o > a [&] (IPA ash)
a:, e:, o: > aa [A:]
ai, ei, oi > e [e]
au, eu, ou > o [o]
i, ii, u, uu > no change
r. > ar
l. > al
m. > am
n. > an
a is also inserted where a consonant sequence would be difficult

So I have words like:

xaþvas/xathvas [S&Tv&s] horse"
ðannah/hannah [D&nn&x] "to know"
qahus [G&hUs] "bovine"
faxtar [f&aSt&ar] "father"
ð_alþats/d_halthats [D~&lT&ts] or [z~&lT&ts] "milk"
habaal [h&bA:l] "apple"

I'm working on the grammar right now. (in the process of being redone)

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