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Re: Tayta vore (Lord's prayer)

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 16, 1999, 3:11
Pablo Flores wrote:

> Carlos Thompson wrote: > > > > Tayta vore fambu hoove > > _Tayta_ is from Quechua, isn't it?
Probably, but it was a direct borrowing from a common use for father in m= any Spanish speaking countries (I even guess from regions with no Quechua influence)
> > Tayta vor.e fambu hoov.e > > "t&jta "v-@4@ "fambU "hO:v@ > > Father we.IND heaven dwell.IND > > Why 'we'? Oh, wait, I just got it. Is it common for > Chleweyish to re-use verb and noun markings? I guess > IND is not only a verb tense, but also a genitive mark, > am I right?
Actually the posesive beheaves as a verb (most pronouns like _vor_ or _le= y_, just add the verbal suffix, _doy_ "I/me" becomes _bo_ "my" with an irregu= lar theme). But yes, the genitive, if you can call it that way, uses the ver= bal paradigm without root. Then, my syster's door, would be (glossed due to laziness to check the lexicon) "door" "syster" bo e while "my syster, her door" would be "syster" bo eb=E1 "door" om=E1e
> --Pablo Flores >
-- Carlos Th