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Greetings from a pleasant peninsula.

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, August 20, 2000, 20:36
It's nice to have email back again so I can catch up with the conlang list.
I've been without a phone line ever since I moved to Michigan, but it
finally got connected a few days ago and I have a new local dialup. I'll
still continue using my account for mail and I won't be moving my

Tilya is coming along well. One of my main goals for Tilya is to develop
the vocabulary, without being concerned about the aesthetics of the
language. So the basic root words are entirely random. Nevertheless, if I
see one that I happen to like, I might just borrow it.

In any case, once I've built up a well-structured vocabulary, I intend to
use it as the basis for new languages. I might run a few definitions by the
list if I'm having difficulty with particular concepts or if I come up with
something really interesting. But most of it is pretty tedious and probably
wouldn't be of much general interest until I have it in some kind of final
form (which will end up somewhere on my website).

I still haven't done anything much with Azirian languages, but I've been
busy with the move and unpacking. Most of the differences between the
Azirian and Kolagian universes will be related to the fact that the course
of Azir's history over the last several million years has diverged from its
counterpart in the Kolagian universe. Many of the languages of the other
worlds (as well as the music) will survive the transition with little
change. (And perhaps one of these days I can come up with a proper name for
the Kolagian universe. "Kolagian" is from a Lyzantura word meaning

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