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Re: OT: More Idiolectal Forms (MIF)

From:Barbara Barrett <barbarabarrett@...>
Date:Thursday, May 27, 2004, 7:06
> > Emilly Elucidated; > > Here's an oddicism I developed somehow: substituting WHAT for THAT in, > > um, subjunctive clauses? I forget what they're called. Like so: "The > > friend what she told".
> Paul Penned; > It's perfectly good (if dialectical) British, FWIW. > > And, they're relative clauses.
Barbara Babbles; I also recall the running joke in Morcambe & Wise, where aspiring playwright Ernie would invite stars to perform in "..this play, what I wrote." -always got a chuckle from the audience ;-) Barbara


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