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Re: Spell Checking for Conlangs

From:Iain E. Davis <feaelin@...>
Date:Sunday, April 4, 2004, 23:37
Quoting Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>:

> I guess spell-checking can be a real help when you're learning a language > with lots of words (or the newest version of the language). > How does MS-Office handle affixes and stem changes? What about special
Unfortunately, it doesn't handle that sort of thing very well. It does red-flag words that are simply a verb in a tense I've not used for that word, etc. However, I'd rather it redflag (which simply means it underlines it in red) words that are spelled right, than I miss words I spell wrong. ;)
> characters as part of words and distinct upper and lower case letters?
Special characters doesn't seem to bother it. Probably a good test would be to come up with a "d00dspeak" dictionary. ;)
> (Although I suppose you at least don't have the latter in your conlang)
I _think_ it can handle the case distinction, I'd have to fiddle with it to find out. I won't say it is ideal...and if I was bored, I might tackling a macro to do it right, but it works well enough that for me, that I'd not gain enough after expending the effort of developing a macro. :) I _did_ develop a script that generates a "dictionary" from the word-list I keep in Excel...not anything that would be useful to others, though, its very specific to the data I keep in excel. :)
> BTW what's up with YUM? I've been getting an error lately. Did I miss a > notification?
Erk. My apologies folks! YUM's database got moved to a new machine, and now it doesn't know how to talk to it. I'll fix it right away. :)