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Re: Vocab #8

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Friday, May 24, 2002, 22:59
Sorry for the delay... vocab #8 in Obrenje:

--- In conlang@y..., Aidan Grey <grey@F...> wrote:
> 1. bread
im /im/ "bread"
> I would like 4 loaves of bread, please.
O kedze u jav im. /O "kEdZM jav im/ OPT have:FUT:1 PRE four bread
> 2. flour
palis /pa"lis/ "flour"
> This bread is made with 7 cups of flour. > (obviously, convert this to your native measuring system.)
Cajut ti im u fiq balle palis. /ha"jMt ti im M himball= pa"lis/ make:PSV:3e this bread PRE seven bowl flour.
> 3. glaze (n or v) > This delicious-looking loaf is glazed with honey/has a honey
glaze. Dolonje mixu mo ti im kesme u nawesh. /dO"lOnj@ "mi:M mO ti im "kEsmM na"wES/ reflective honey be:3e this bread seem:PTC PRE enjoy:FUT:PTC
> 4. muffin
I'll just use |lotso| /"lOtsO/, which is a fluffy flat bread rolled into something like a burrito, filled with either sweet (berry joghurt) or spicy stuff (fried noodles 'n' shrimps with garlic yoghurt, sweet'n'sour chicken strips etc...).
> They have 42 kinds of sweet muffins.
Kote u brezhde con ny lotso myse. /ko:tM " brEZd@ hOn ny "immO my:S/ have:3e PRE 5*8 two CAT lotso sweet. |Ny| is the categorical quantifyer.
> 5. bakery
immaja /im"ma:ja/
> My favorite bakery is 4 streets over.
Mo trale immaja xim u setas dri jav nom. /mO "tra:lim"ma:ja zim M Stas dri jav nOm/ be:3e best:d bakery POS:1 PRE yonder after four street
> 6. oven
fombo /"fOmbO/
> The bakery is very busy - we have to use all 8 ovens
constantly. Pue chemmi mo immajae. /pu: "hEmmi mO imma"ja:/ Very productive be:3e bakery:d Bujze u kalae u na zet fombo navize. /bMjZM ka"la: M na ZEt "fOmbO na"vi:Z/ need:1 PRE use:GND PRE all 8 oven all_the_time
> 7. bake
imme- "bake"
> That bread is baked, but those 3 over there are fried.
Immut tje im, joq sasut setax ryl. /im"mMt tjE im jON sa"sMt Sta ryl/ bake:PST:PSV:3e that bread but fry:PST:PSV:3e yon 3
> 8. cost / price > How much do those 6 loaves cost?
Vunce almaq tje vul im. /"vMnsal"maN tjE vMl im/ how_much? be_worth:LIQ:3e that 6 bread Note that |alma-| means "to be worth(y)" in the normal solid tense, but "to cost" in the liquid tense. In a way, costing is a momentary, temporary form of being worth.
> 9. unusual
tazhange /ta"Zang@/ "uncommon"
> This is an unusual recipe for bread - it has very little flour!
Mo ti u tazhange cisseso im, /mO ti M ta"ZaNg@ siS"Se:sO im Be:3e this PRE NEG:common recipe bread, pue riq palis buje. pu: riN pa"lis bu:j/ very little flour need:3e
> 10. holiday
mizalal /miza"lal/ "holy day".
> I want to order 9 holiday loaves. What will the cost > be?
O blaramze i zetes im mizalal. Vunce almina? /O bla"ramZi Z@"tEs im miza"lal "vMnsal"mi:na/ OPT order:1 OBJ 8+1 bread holiday how_much? cost:FUT:LIQ:3i
> Enjoy the bready goodness!
I did. Punce vuga. -- Christian Thalmann