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Vocab #8

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Friday, May 17, 2002, 22:05
   brought to you by
        B for bakery
        number agreement (or not).

   1. bread
        I would like 4 loaves of bread, please.

    2. flour
        This bread is made with 7 cups of flour.
         (obviously, convert this to your native measuring system.)

    3. glaze (n or v)
         This delicious-looking loaf is glazed with honey/has a honey glaze.

    4. muffin
          They have 42 kinds of sweet muffins.

    5. bakery
           My favorite bakery is 4 streets over.

    6. oven
           The bakery is very busy - we have to use all 8 ovens constantly.

    7. bake
            That bread is baked, but those 3 over there are fried.

    8.  cost / price
        How much do those 6 loaves cost?

   9.  unusual
        This is an unusual recipe for bread - it has very little flour!

   10. holiday
            I want to order 9 holiday loaves. What will the cost be?

   Enjoy the bready goodness!



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