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Re: OT: Ukraine

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 30, 2004, 10:02
On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:42, Isaac Penzev wrote:
> Sobre el enteh'abát del ra'iso de Ukra'ina i el waz'3o en iste pa'is > (About presidental elections in Ukraine and the situation in this country)
Excuse me for asking, but is that Ladino?
> > Thanks everybody for your concern. > > I am not sure I can tell much. The situation is very nervous and changing > every half an hour. It is a kind of cold war of nerves. > > I find it very difficult to describe the picture in an unbiased manner, so > I will give you my mere impressions: > > - falsifications and pressure upon citizens were huge from *both* sides; > - civil war or split is rather improbable right now, but Ukrainians are > quite spontaneous people, so it may need only a tiny sparkle to burn the > fire; > - re-voting or new elections seems the best solution for many politicians > and plain people. > > As for moods, many people are afraid that the degree of intolerance has > raised very high in last days, and the winners (whoever they be) may start > repressions or discrimination against their opponents. This conflict is not > a clash of two political programs, but a war of clans. And Ukrainian > mindset is shaped by clan thinking to much extent: "The *ours* are being > beaten" is enough to start fighting. It is especially sad if we take into > account that some people close to one of the candidates, publicly confess > anti-Semitic and anti-Russian views. > > Hope this helps you to feel the "waz'3o" (situation) > > Truly yours, > -- Yitzik
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