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Mock Spanish, was Re: Rhys Ifans! Welsh fans, another pronunciation pop question

From:Doug Dee <amateurlinguist@...>
Date:Monday, November 29, 2004, 1:07
In a message dated 11/28/2004 1:10:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,
scaves@FRONTIERNET.NET writes:

>I think many young Americans are terribly embarrassed by language issues and >the "deformation" of what sounds "normal" to them, such that bilabial >fricatives, tense vowels and other sounds in Spanish would make them >uncomfortable. And envious. Or maybe your pronunciation expertise makes >you sound Mexican Spanish to your California bozos; we're a nation that >hates its Latinos, or associates them with gardeners and hotel maids. So >this laughter would, in fact, constitute bigotry, whereas I don't think that >"Viet n&m" does in quite the same way.
People following this thread might be interested in this paper about the use of "Mock Spanish" by American English speakers: The links for the slides don't work there (at least not for me). You can find them here: Doug