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Re: Kalini Sapak bits (or How to buse the letter "X" ...)

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, November 15, 2001, 13:43
From: "Andreas Johansson" <and_yo@...>
> Now, I don't want to use any digraphs (esp as that's only 23 phonemes and > the Latin alphabet 's got 26 letters). My current idea is "q" for /x/ > (Somali does this), "c" for /G/ (after-all, "c" is related to gamma ...) > and, take a deep breath, "x" for /N/. I know this last is pretty > counter-intuitive, but "x" is used for a bit of everything around the world, > so why not a velar nasal? Also, pretty much everything else is already used. > Anyone got any comments/ideas?
My "naturalization meter" (never very reliable at the best of times, but hey) says: x - /G/ q - /N/ c - /x/ Reasoning: - Although {c} is known for having multiple values the world over (k/s/tS/ts/C), they're almost all unvoiced ones, so /G/ kind of grates. - The {c} on its own can recall to mind the common {ch} digraph for /x/. - I think there are natlangs that have {q} for /N/ (there are certainly conlangs that do). - Some langs use/d voiced letters to denote /x/ (like {gh} in English) so it's only fair to turn the tables and use a normally voiceless letter like {x} qua /x/ to represent /G/. (Or use {j}, as someone else suggested.) *Muke!