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Re: þe_getisbyrg_adres

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 3, 2004, 15:19
--- Tristan Mc Leay <kesuari@...> wrote:

> On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 06:08, Gary Shannon wrote: > > As my eyes get older I really hate decorated > letters. > > I can't always make out which decoration I'm > looking > > at. But since we read by scanning the general > shape > > of the word as a whole, I suppose it doesn't > matter > > which decoration a given letter has. But if > that's > > the case, then the decorations are superfluous and > can > > be left off with no loss of legibility. > > > > e.g.: > > > > e getisbyrg adres > > getisbyrg, pensilvania > > novembr 19, 1863 > > > > for skor and seven jers ago ur fars brat for on is > > kontinent, a ny nasyn, konsevd in libyrti, and > > dedikatid to e proposisyn at al men ar kre-atid > > ekwal. > > Well, no. Firstly, the difference between accented > and unaccented is > still going to be significant.
Mostly I can't read the decorated letters in your reply since they come out as garbbled multi-letter nonsense on my screen. However, the real debate seems to be the meaning of the word "significant". How significant are the vowels anyway? F-r sk-r N s-vn y-rz -g- R f-drz br-t fr-t -n d-s k-nt-n-nt, - n-- n-shn, k-ns-vd -n l-b-rt- ... Once one learns to recognize those words on sight it reads just as fluently as any other spelling. A second vowel symbol might need to be introduced to differentiate between "in" and "on", "so" and "see", "hat" and "hut", but in general, for words of five or more letters the consonant patterns are unique enough that the vowels can be dispensed with. (A few exceptions exist like "picket, packet, pocket", "paper, pepper, pooper, popper", but these are relatively rare, and such words could eventually be dropped from the language to be replaced with more unique synonyms.) There's no doubt at all what the words "kl-s-c-l", "n-t-v", and "s-gn-t-r" are. --gary