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Sounds of Quenya?

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Saturday, January 28, 2006, 20:32
So, I think I'm getting a handle on the sounds of Quenya. Here's what I
understand. Please comment with corrections.

a /A/, /A:/
ai /Aj/
au /Aw/
b /b/
c /k/
cc /k:/
d /d/
e /e/, /E:/
eu /ew/
ë /@/ finally, but trema is used for diaeresis elsewhere
f /f/
g /g/
gw /g_w/
h /h/, /x/ preconsonantally, as hy between a front vowel and a consonant
hy /C/, dialectically /S/
hw /W/
i /i_"/, /i:/
iu /ju/, /iw/ historically
l /l/
ll /l:/
ly /L\/
hl /l/, historically /l_0/
m /m/
mm /m:/
n /n/, /N/ before velars
nn /n:/
nw /n_w/
ny /J/, /nj/
ngw /Ng)_w/
o /o/, /o:/
oi /Oj/
p /p/
pp /p:/
qu /k_w/
r /r/, /4/ preconsonantally
rr /r:/
ry is troublesome to me since I can't grok /r_j/
hr /r/, historically /r_0/
s /s/
ss /s:/
t /t/
tt /t:/
ty /t_j/, dialectically /tS/
u /u/, /u:/
ui /uj/
v /v/
w /w/, /v/ initially
x /ks/

That's, I *think* the complete inventory as found in the lessons Sharon
pointed me at.



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