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Re: Size of your dictionary

From:<deinx nxtxr> <deinx.nxtxr@...>
Date:Saturday, April 4, 2009, 13:44
> Also, how do you keep your dictionary organized? I wrote an excel macro > that allows me to enter words and also search by word, grammatical type, and > English keyword. I can make it available if other people want to use it, > but it may be a while-it's not working correctly yet!
Sasxsek has a (M$ Access) database with several tables: Sasxsek-to-XXX, XXX-to-Sasxsek, roots, and a table to store "lexical candidates". I used to have this database posted online as searchable dictionary but I changed web platforms a few months ago and haven't had the time to convert my old JScript code to PHP (The same for Omniglossa). I also have Word documents that I convert to PDF for online publication, which is what I've been doing for my other languages. At one time, I had a macro for Word that pulled the records straight from the database and formatted them automatically. At some point in the future, I'm probably going to work on a new database format that I can use universally to store any of my conlangs. I may just incorporate that into the new version of Omniglossa when I have it ready. PS: This brings up a technical question. The only thing that have been holding up the new Omniglossa is the PHP conversion. It probably wouldn't take more than a couple days to get it going but for some reason the encoding is getting messed up. I've verified that the tables are fine, but PHP seems to be garbling anything above the 7-bit ASCII range when pulling from MySQL.