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Re: Size of your dictionary

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Date:Saturday, April 4, 2009, 13:31
Amanda Babcock Furrow wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 11:05:42AM -0400, Daniel Bowman wrote: > >> How many words does your conlang(s) have? I realize that this might be a >> tricky question to answer depending on how you define "word." > > My main conlang, mërèchi, has 1232 entries in the current dictionary, but > some of these are just names (not words), and many are affixes; still others > are derived words. I'm beginning to include data relationships that will > allow me to generate a dictionary where derived words are listed under their > headwords. Mërèchi's half-sister, Mirexu, appears to have 78 morphemes > recorded in a beta dictionary-management database I was working on, but > I don't believe that reflects everything I created for the two relays I > used it in; also, it can draw upon the entire mërèchi vocabulary for new > morphemes using a simple set of sound changes.
The Deini dictionary I've been working on has no names. I made the name dictionary into a separate document. At some point I may merge the two but it's been easier to work on the lexicon without all those names cluttering up the document.
> My secondary conlang, Toma Heylm, has 497 entries. The third conlang, > Mli Vjacgu, has a token and possibly non-canon wordlist of 232 words > (more than half of them from the gigantic table of correlatives, visible > at, under "Demonstrative > pronouns"). All the rest (and arguable Mli Vjacgu as well) are sketches. > > This is what I have after doing this for 24 years! (With up to a decade > of inactivity, primarily in the 90's.) I have never been very diligent > about building vocabulary.
I see the point here because building a vocabulary can be tedious, which is why Sasxsek has been practically dormant for the past year or two. For some reason though, working up a lexicon for Deini has been much more interesting. Maybe it's just because it's my personal language so I can steer in any direction without the contraints that I have when working with auxlangs.