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Re: Size of your dictionary

From:<deinx nxtxr> <deinx.nxtxr@...>
Date:Saturday, April 4, 2009, 13:25
Daniel Bowman wrote:
> Hello all- > > How many words does your conlang(s) have? I realize that this might be a > tricky question to answer depending on how you define "word." > > Angosey currently has about 770. Maybe a quarter of these are "dead" words > that I don't really use from day to day. I've committed maybe half to > memory, although now that I'm keeping a diary, my memorization is lagging > behind. > > Also, how do you keep your dictionary organized? I wrote an excel macro > that allows me to enter words and also search by word, grammatical type, and > English keyword. I can make it available if other people want to use it, > but it may be a while-it's not working correctly yet!
Yes, it's a bit tough to define. Sasxsek has about 3500 words in the current dictionary from about 700 roots. My other auxlangs are still in the early stages so not to many words. I've been working mostly on Deini lately. I haven't really counted the entries in the dictionary which is just a word document (unlike Sasxsek which has a database, making it easy to "count") but I'd esitmate about 500 main entries. An entry make contain several derivatives. I'm pretty close to having a first edition of the Deini Sloverix to publish on the web.