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Reduplication in Indonesian

From:Kelly Drinkwater <mizunomi@...>
Date:Sunday, April 6, 2008, 8:22
I'm beginning the first stages of the final project for my Intro to
Linguistics class*, and I've chosen to do something with reduplication
in Indonesian. I have access to at least two native speakers of
Jakarta dialect, who have agreed to provide data in exchange for free
food :-D
So, I chose this topic because I remembered hearing that Indonesian's
reduplication was interesting in various ways -- what makes it
interesting, and especially, what hasn't been investigated into the
ground? I've pulled up some basic resources that indicate, yes,
Indonesian does some very neat things with reduplication, but I won't
have read them properly until tomorrow.**

* Yuck, MIT's intro linguistics curriculum.
** Meaning logical-tomorrow, meaning Sunday... after all, it is 4:20am here.


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