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CHAT: R: Re: CHAT: Blandness (was: Uusisuom's influences)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 4, 2001, 19:12
Roger Mills wrote:

> Dirk Elzinga wrote: > > >Anecdote time. > >Another one. While I was in the Netherlands, Nelson Mandela was > >released from prison in South Africa (now I've dated myself :-). > >Since this was a significant story, there were some Dutch > >reporters covering it in South Africa. They spoke Dutch to their > >interviewees, who responded in Afrikaans; these exchanges > >apparently took place without too much trouble. What I found > >amusing was that they subtitled all of the Afrikaner dialogue on > >Dutch television.> > > > One day in Indonesia, while waiting at the bank for a transaction to
> (talk about "bureaucrats with a little power"!!) an elderly westerner sat > down beside me and spoke to me in Dutch, which I read but do not really > speak. So with apologies I answered back in my Lotte-Lenya German, and we > had a quite coherent conversation for 10 minutes or so. > > Watched a British TV detective drama the other night-- subtitles would > certainly have helped.
OTOH I hear every day the BBC world service and I don't have any understanding problem, while, when I watch an American movie, I can catch only the 30%... That's a bit sad! Luca