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Cases, again

From:Michael Martin <mdmartin@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 17, 2004, 6:05
I've got another question regarding noun cases. In a situation where a
language has Nominative, Accusative, Dative and Genitive, but no other
cases, what case is used for nouns being used in ways that this
language doesn't have a case for? In other words, in the sentence "the
man stands beside the river" if there is no case for "beside"
(Adessive?) but we do have the four cases mentioned above, which of
those cases should be used for the noun "river"? Or should there be a
separate fifth case that is used in these situations, a sort of
catch-all, miscellaneous case?

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. I know it's probably
basic stuff to all of you.

Michael David Martin, Master Mason
S. W. Hackett Lodge #574
Free & Accepted Masons of California


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