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Re: Good-Bye

From:Joseph B. <darkmoonman@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 1, 2006, 18:49
I've been a long-time member on here (was on here under a handle prior to
this one), and stopped reading of the posts as well as posting myself except
for very rare situations. So, I've not been following this latest.

While I know that he's not true of everyone here, there some people here who
come off both as harsh and as snobbish. I wasn't  a novice conlanger when I
started here, and have a firm extensive knowledge of linguistics, but I was
sometimes snubbed, ignored, and, in one case, publicly ridiculed here.

>I joined this list in the hope that I would find help with my own >conlang project and find a community with whom I could discuss >things of mutual interest. Since joining this this list I have >received no help, little support, and found no mutual interests. > Now my attempts to present a workable definition in the hopes >that someone will correct my understanding are described as >flames. In the current discussion I have been insulted and >belittled and responded politely, but with understandable >frustration. > >That is enough. This list ranks well up in the top 10 >unfriendliness lists I have ever tried to participate in, and I am >unsubscribing.