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Re: The Chant on the Dog's Grave

From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 4:51
> I am still interested. Thank thou very much for this version. > > > but I found the English version that a friend of mine finally found. > > In what part of the world was it found? > (Or was it in some conworld? > I am supprised that this version > is very similar to the Czech one.) > > > "A doggy stole a sausage > > Because he was underfed > > The butcher saw him do it > > And shot him in the head > > > And all the little doggies > > Were very sad indeed > > They made a little tombstone > > And on it it did read: > > > "A doggy stole a sausage..." > > How are the words "underfed" and "head" pronounced? > ['woz ,and@'fi:d] does not fit with ['in T@ 'hed]. > >
Possibly in your dialect they don't rhyme, but I'm sure that in English they rhyme /'Vnd@fEd/, /hEd/ And my friend tells me that he heard the sausage song from someone else he knows. Would anyone like me to follow up? :P Imperative