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Re: Secret Agents or Agent Secrets?

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Thursday, August 5, 1999, 2:38
In a message dated 8/4/1999 7:33:32 PM, steven@OLYWA.NET writes:

>Here are some questions that ought to be relevant to a number of us. > >Is an "agent" ALWAYS something that acts on something else?
An agent is just something that causes an action, no matter who is affected by it
>Or can an "agent" do actions without an object, like "jump" and "skip?" > >If the answer to the last one is "no," then what do we call the jumper >or >skipper?
A jumper or skipper is an agent-patient! (If there's a nicer term, I've forgotten it.) They are both the agent and the patient in one.
>I've heard the term "mover" used, but what about verbs that >stand >for things voluntarily done that don't necessarily involve movement like >"meditate?"
That's the same thing, I think.
>In languages that don't need reflexive pronoun, what name do we give the >subject's semantic role? (I don't think they're called "atients" or >"pagents.") > >What do we call the semantic role of the subject in a clause with reciprocal >voice in a language that needs no reciprocal pronoun?
Hmm.... you lost me here.
>Where can I find good laymen's definitions of case grammar terms?
<A HREF="">Linguistic Glossary</A> ( You could try this.... I have it bookmarked, but I can't connect to it right now for some reason.
>Thanks in advance to all who answer, > >Jim
Josh Roth