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Grie Ka #2 : ( the weirdest? aspects of Ka )

From:Hiroshi Kato <hkato@...>
Date:Sunday, December 9, 2001, 8:03
I'm not so sure whether it is really 'weird,' because my conlang is just human,
not of other species nor of outer space :-)
But, anyway, I'll try to sketch some of the idiosyncracies of Ka as much as I

1. Principle of separation

What do I mean by that?
It means :
   A noun cannot be attached to two or more adjective phrases in different
But...let me give you an example.

Hiro, who once hated manga, now reads it almost everyday!

is translated in Ka like:

Hiro igsa zxofeilaintem jons wasyef, ettimaintemi kjeanpenilecu!

Hiro                   the name of the person ( happened to be the same as
igsa                    the future body of
zxofeilainte(m)   the person who hates
jons                    (article)
jons wasyef        manga in general
ettimaintemi       the person who reads it
kjeanpenilecu     almost everyday

Because of the princlple of separation, a word like 'igsa' is always required to
adjust the timing. If 'igsa' is omitted,  the timings of hates and reading are
interpreted as the same.

 i) In most of the case, tense is not explicitly expressed in Ka. And I guess
that's why POS is required in Ka.
    Should you want to express tense, just use an article for this purpose:
        sei        past article
        sai        present article
        ja          future article
    (ex.)    Ehau yeu maljobicein sei sye fe.
     Ehau               certainly
     yeu                  very
     maljobicein       unethical
     sei sye             previous you
     fe                    I'm afraid
 ii) A word like 'igsa' is called a 'filter.'

' The weirdest? aspects of Ka ' continues in Grie Ka #3.



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