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Re: Grie Ka #2 : ( the weirdest? aspects of Ka )

From:Hiroshi Kato <hkato@...>
Date:Thursday, December 13, 2001, 12:37
From: "Vasiliy Chernov" <bc_@...>

Thank you very much for your interest!

> > And... the reason why igsa is called a 'filter' > >is that this m relationship is 'going through it.' > > Can you itemize what can filter what? >
Well, at the moment, filters are related either i) tense or aspect, or ii) conjunctions ( or both!). Let me give you some examples. i) tense or aspect related filters (ex.1) zekom winsa ettimaindime vinomicxu zekom book winsa (filter) perfect aspect winsa ettimaindime which has been read by me vinomicxu again and again (ex 2) kseplyef gensa pacxaindimyatr kseplyef bread gensa (filter) is about to be gensa pacxaindimyatr which ia about to be eaten by him/her (ex. 3) okn kinsa oknaindim wesfas okn game kinsa (filter) make a habit to kinsa oknaindim wesfas which we make a habit to play (ex. 4) Et awn ledeindem polsij, awn ettimeindem hiumni zekom. I went to library and read a lot of books. et I awn.....awn (filter) and then polsij library hiumni a lot of ii) filters used as a conjunction (ex. 5) Et aif ikedmaindem hijazeksij, hju aif seniklaintem andikisij kjeanpenilecu. As you already know, I am a university student, but I am also working as a tutor almost every day. aif....aif (filter) and also ikedmaindem hijazeksij be a university student hju but seniklaintem andikisij work as a tutor kjeanpenilecu almost everyday There are others, but I believe these examples should be sufficient to get the picture of it. Hiro