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My New Project 2: Declensions

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Monday, July 2, 2001, 5:38
Neh!! I appoligize for the first two emails where my nice little s-carons and
parentheses got messed up by that pesky html!!

Anyway, declensions are thus in this language (unnamed so far). It has three cases:
nominative/accusative, prepositional, and genitive. To make things easier, that
is the way the charts will be laid out, so I won't repeat the names.

Masculine declension so far:

There are three major masculine declensions, the vowel declension, the gerund
declension, and the consonant declension.

Consonant Declension:
Traveller:              Dream:
S.         P.
vikmód    vikmódu      gmarg    gmárgu
vikmóda   vikmódom     gmárga   gmárgom
vikmodíje vikmodízhe   gmargíje gmargízhe

Gerund Declension:
Sleeping One:
S.           P.
zirlúptic   zirluptícu
zirlúpca    zirluptícom
zirlúptje   zirluptízhe

Vowel Declension:
S.            [P.]
glakhtíva     glakhtívju
glakhtivúja   glakhtívjom
glakhtívje    glakhtivázhe

There are only two feminine declensions, the consonant declension and the vowel declension.

Vowel Declension
Land                  Road
S.        P.        S.       P.
niçkò    niçkóju    provà    provjù
niçkóje  niçkójom   prováje  provjóm
niçkój   niçkójic   provì    províc

(notice the differences between the stem vowels)

Consonant Declension
S.            P.
brkás^in      brkas^íntju
brkas^íntje  brkas^íntjom
brkas^ínti    brkas^íntic

That's it for now :)