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A heptadachyal text [Ramyo]

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, December 13, 2001, 15:14
Ages ago, it seems, I wrote:
>[in Ramyo (sans pitch marks)] > > Tntaqyo cojnjapuki > qyo kamawqtöödeva goknkqõõ mawqmalikyore, > Na kamawqd.iivgundqhalhmaawqtetna, > Na kuqugudjnitatnqhalhmaawqtotnaa.
This can be seen at: (My penmanship is earning me zero points today...) Should be pronounced: /n_0tA.?jo co.J_0j\ /?jo kA.mAw.?t2:.dE.vA go.N_0k?7~: mAw.? /nA kA.mAw.?d`i:.vgu.ndhA5.mA:w.?tE.n_0A/ /nA ku.? .... I don't know if I have the materials around for an interlinear, but I could look stuff up if wanted. *Muke!