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A heptadachyal text

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, November 29, 2001, 17:37
I've been awfully off-topic a lot lately, so I thought here I'd share what I'd
been working on for the past while.
Just to have a short sample to compare seven of my languages against each other,
I translated a short text into all of them.

Yeah, "dachys" doesn't mean "tongue" in Greek, but wouldn't the world be a
different place if it did?

Weird accents in a couple may cause everything to look funny.  In which case,
"eek".  Actually ook! with ablaut--it appears to have erased them entirely!  My
vaunted acute-accented consonants!  My precious barred L!  My beautiful ogoneks!
... Oh well, bonus points if you can figure out what language they disappeared
from and a warp zone if you can place them correctly. ;)

[in English, the text is roughly:]

    Happy is the man
        that isn't moved by irreverent men's advice,
    And that doesn't stay on the sinful man's path,
    And that doesn't sit in the seat of plagues.

What does that last line mean?  Who can say? But I have " in cathedra
pestilentiae non sedit" and "...kai\ e)pi\ kaqe\dran loimw=n ou)k e)kaqisen",
so.  Maybe I should have borrowed 'kathedra' for Hadwan, since Hadwan-speakers
don't actually use chairs; {hisjkros} is basically just a seat on the floor.)

[in Henaudute]

    Pembire àr deéna
        hà hùn neéruke khantélen hunáilanin,
    Hàs hùn nuure tiiana airrhuntin,
    Hàs hùn phailambre armana hozain.

[in Dunamy]

    Tói kaus äba,
        äs nau pamóv akautl'e ara vos,
    Et äs nau stenni ín sinas-e bäf,
    Et äs nau siri ín bliks-e dye.

[in Ramyo (sans pitch marks)]

    Tntaqyo cojnjapuki
        qyo kamawqtöödeva goknkqõõ mawqmalikyore,
    Na kamawqd.iivgundqhalhmaawqtetna,
    Na kuqugudjnitatnqhalhmaawqtotnaa.

[in Kirómbos (aka Hadwan)]

    Hilasjos sci manjá,
        sjihi ni biricor mainosjo onjwaihnónj af,
    Ki ni scáci hodjai hamartólónj inj,
    Ki ni hidjic hisjkrai waistrónj inj.

[in unnamed "Hadwan AM"]

    Hyiellashe ste kiermbe inbierte aff mone aff inwoken,
    Ke shiek ne stach e hyid aff eishe,
    Ke shiek ne hyide e hyisher aff wosery.

[in unnamed "Hadwan GE"]

    Schielasje kierumbe
        schieg ne stze bierne aaf muinusche aaf unwuiknu,
    Ke ne stzaadje e schudze aaf eischu,
    Ke ne schijdze e schieschre aaf wuisru.

[in unnamed "Hadwan AT"]

    Helze cöv manou sci
        sysk ni sci veronce af menozu af onveknug,
    Ki ni hydzg ig hamrtoulug scyc,
    Ki ni hezgrg ig vesdrug heidzt.

These last three are Hadwan descendants.  I haven't gone through to pick out
words that have changed meaning or that have been lost, so they're mostly all
cognate words, except in a couple cases where I knew there were differences to
begin with, like hamartólos vs. aiisjos in the second line, where Gk.
hamartw/los displaced the native word in the southern K. dialect.

I'll have these first four in their native scripts shortly, and pronunciation
interlinears maybe soon, but right now I need sleep. :p



Muke Tever <alrivera@...>A heptadachyal text [Henaudute]
Muke Tever <alrivera@...>A heptadachyal text [Ramyo]