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Insults was (Re: Fw: translation needed)

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Saturday, October 23, 1999, 13:45
Patrick Dunn wrote:

> > > Sorry. I'll try never to use humor again, because obviously > > > some people are impaired.
[Said in a harsh loud and military German (no offence) accent]:=20 Yes, you must stop it at once, dammit! I said stop it! S-T-O-P! ;)=20 Seriously. Please don't stop. This list wouldn't be the same=20 without it. Really.
> This suggests to my mind a thread: insults in your conlangs.
[rather long but very interesting rant about outing and insults in the world of conlanging. You know you wanna read it... :)] Slowly I'm putting conlanging thoughts into other peoples minds. A few days ago, a class mate of mine suggested we learn a new language (or at least some phrases) to use as a secret code in class. For instance we have a techer in psycholinguistics that no one likes, so we call her psycho bitch (in Swedish of course). We also have a teacher in semantics that no one really likes either, (although the subject's great so it's not that bad.)=20 Well, onto the subject. We have a feeling that they won't like=20 being called such things, so as I said, we're going to learn a new language. I didn't really want to 'out' myself to much so I suggested Navajo or Malay. Though Navajo seemed like to much of a chore for our=20 purposes (Good luck to Ed Heil btw with learning it). But I did find one phrase 'the biting vagina' supposedly something from Navajo tradition (or an anti-rape tool :) that we might use. So my class mate then suggested that we made our own lang(!).=20 Then we could make up phrases as much as we'd like. I thought, "hmm... maybe I could introduce them to my conlang Rinya..." We could make up some really bad phrases and no one will never know what we say. So it may come true: a conlang that comes to use in every day life. :) I also thought about using other people's conlangs, especially Asiteya because it sounds so soft and nice and no one would ever believe we're saying nasty things like: "Your father is eating grass" and "yo' mama so fat..." or "I rule" or "I'm the greatest man alive, please clean my shoes". Anyway, the problem with that is obviously that not many people has made up the words we need. So I think we'll go for Rinya after all. So, what do you guys think? I really would like some comments on this. ---------------------------------------------------------- Daniel Andreasson | | Useful Malay phrase: "Kena besi duri" - 'I got caught in some barbed wire'. ----------------------------------------------------------