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Re: "vocabulary" in divers tongues

From:Rex May <rmay@...>
Date:Sunday, August 22, 2004, 1:55
On Fri, 20 Aug 2004 18:38:45 -0400, Jim Henry
<jimhenry@...> wrote:

>lju-txaj-zox Arthaey Angosii &lt;; tu-i pqoq: > >&gt; Emaelivpeith Jim Henry: >&gt; &gt; Roger Mills &lt;rfmilly@MSN.COM&gt; li toki e ni: >... >&gt; &gt; &gt;Así la "tesorería de palabra(s)" quiere decir
> >&gt; &gt; About like German "Wortschatz". Esperanto has a >&gt; &gt; calque form "vorttrezoro", but it's less common than >&gt; &gt; "vortprovizo" (101 Ghits vs. 1690 Ghits). > >&gt; Well, AFMC... > >&gt; Asha'ille does not yet have a word for "vocabulary." "Language"
>&gt; |dasharíd|, which is etymologically from |das| "all" and |sharíd| >&gt; "word". > >&gt; There also exists the morpheme |-eme|, "collection of," which
>&gt; make |sharídeme| mean, literally, a "collection of words." Less
>&gt; than a tesorería de palabras, though. > >In gjax-zym-byn, I reckon I would have {hyw im gjax-txy-zla}, >memory in-part_of language-element-whole_set. > >&gt; Anyone have good methods or advice >&gt; on coming up with nice, figurative phrases? > >If your language has different words for different >kinds of collective groupings - like, in English: >hoard, collection, heap, kit, etc. - you might >get some mileage from that. > >Yes, I like the idea of deriving the notion >from a nominalization of a verb meaning "to collect >(as a stamp, coin, rare book, etc. collector)" >- like "collection" in English but more specific. > >Or from a word meaning "toolkit" or "complete set of eating >utensils" or "full ceremonial dress outfit" or...
Ceqli has "vorjamaw", consisting of "vor", word, from Germanic in general, and "jamaw," store, supply, from Hindi.


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