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LOTEP number

From:Estel Telcontar <estel_telcontar@...>
Date:Saturday, December 6, 2003, 23:30
Gary Shannon wrote:

> I call it the "LOTEP" number of a glyph. I count > L = the number of complete Loops or enclosed areas > (e.g., "P" and "#" have 1, "8" and "B" have two each). > O = the number of Odd junctions (e.g. "T" has an odd > number of lines entering the junction at the top). > T = the number of Terminal, or endpoints, (e.g. "W" > and "H" have 2 each while "Y" and "E" have 3 > endpoints). > E = the number of even-parity junctions (e.g., "X" has > one central junction with an even number of lines > leading into it). > P = the number of seperate Pieces (e.g. lower case "i" > has two seperate, unattached pieces.) > > Odd and Even junctions are counted only for junctions > with more than 2 lines entering them. A junction with > 2 lines in considered to be a continuous single line > that turns a corner, and is not counted as a junction. > > "LOTEP" obviously stands for Loop, Odds, Terminals, > Evens, Pieces. > > "H" has LOTEP = 02401 > "A" has LOTEP = 12201 > "W" has LOTEP = 00201 > "X" has LOTEP = 00411 > "%" has LOTEP = 20203 > If I superimpose the letters "O" and "X" that glyph > has a LOTEP = 40451 > The Merceds Benz logo has LOTEP = 33001 > and the Volkwagen logo has LOTEP = 64031 > > Many glyphs, especially simple ones, can share LOTEP > numbers (e.g. "F", "Y" and "T" are all 01301) and so > the numbers are used not to uniquely pinpoint a single > glyph in the dictionary, but to get you to the right > page where you may have to search through 6 or 8 > glyphs to find the one you are looking up.
This looks like a neat system. One thing that struck me as is that not all 5-digit numbers are possible: P can never be 0, can it? And you can't have both L and T be 0 at the same time - either you have at least 2 terminals or you have at least one loop. About the proposals for ways to add more digits - one problem with drawing a vertical or horizontal line and seeing how many times it intersects is that it might intersect different numbers of lines depending exactly where you slice it. Estel ______________________________________________________________________ Post your free ad now!