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Re: Pre-Announcing New Language - Gôжd

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, April 9, 2005, 17:48

Peter Kolb <peterwlkolb@...> writes:
>... > * Seven moods with 14 specialisations via AM; > * Seven empathic deixis via AM; > * Six numbers (individual, associative, and collective); >...
I'm very much looking forward to seeing these. :-)
> * Tenses apply to verbs and even nouns;
Nice! I've played with this in some conlangs of mine. Actually, some allow tense markers on nouns, namely those that don't distinguish nouns and verbs: Qthyn|gai -- oops it's only one! Tyl Sjok, and I think Fukhian, also recently discovered to not distinguish nouns and verbs either, both don't have grammatical tense at all.
> * Five voices; >...
Again, I wonder what those will be. The maximum I did was three, in Qthyn|gai -- no, wait, those are just syntactical re-organisations not changing focus, so they are no voices. Five seems a lot to me. Or are those 'voices' really triggers? Curious! **Henrik