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Pre-Announcing New Language - Gôжd

From:Peter Kolb <peterwlkolb@...>
Date:Saturday, April 9, 2005, 5:03
My name is Peter Kolb. I am introducing my conlang Gô&#1078;d but it will not, I
believe, be ready for 1-2 weeks where upon I will re-announce it. An
essentialist description: Gôxd is essentially regressive Latin with Celtic
aspirations as spoken by a German  ;)  .

A brief overview of Gôxd:

* Uses Schwartz-Shrift with some Cryllic extensions;
* Active mutations (AM) with six series;
* Some formal phonotactics with AM;
* Six aspects with six specialisations via AM;
* 11 cases & subject (basic, control, passive), object (direct, indirect);
* Six genders (classification or sex);
* Names (being nouns) are marked by case and even person/entity;
* Seven moods with 14 specialisations via AM;
* Seven empathic deixis via AM;
* Six numbers (individual, associative, and collective);
* Five persons and five entities ("articles") but no article particle :> ;
* Five tenses with five tenses specialisation (tensors) via AM;
* Tenses apply to verbs and even nouns;
* Five voices;
* Three basic verb types and two require a functor;
* Stative verbs for set operations; and
* Variable but formal word ordering;

I am posting this information in part to test whether there is a problem
with my e-mail because of disposition notice, to get myself to complete the
grammar fully before proceeding with tutorials and other material, and to
inform the universe of my creation!

The document will be PDF and the grammar will outline only formal usage. An
issue is that Adobe Acrobat cannot handle extended characters in filenames.
Various colloquial usages are explained in the tutorials. I hope to produce
in addition the following: tutorials, a two-way lexicon and the means for
generating words, small text samples including The Babel Text, and some
meaningful textual examples to demonstrate it application (long term project).

Off topic:-
I think the French could do with a RADICAL spelling reform!! What is that
essentialist description: French is essentially bad Latin spoken by a drunk
who has an head cold.

With little thought and with certain mistakes and with not very much
knowledge of the frank language of French, I posit some possibilities for
heading towards 'phonetic' form:

1. "Alors, je comprends" -> "Alor, je conpran"
2. "Autre pays, autre moeurs" -> "Atr paei, atr maers"
3. "Le paraphluie est vert" -> "Le paraplui ae vair"
4. "Monsieur Staline est-il Russe?" -> "Msywe Stalin ae-tail Rwys?"
5. 1-10 -> Zaero, un, dwe, trwa, katr, sink, sees, sait, weet, nwaf, dees.

Auxilliary languages don't word because they are too easy to learn and
become disposable, aspire to claim artificial perfection and they can't,
have less character than flawed languages, and have no cultural identity.

Webmail again.
Peter Kolb.


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