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Pater Noster in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, September 5, 2002, 20:16
As Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

>Well, it seems to be raining Pater Nosters these days.
In Kash (one of the first things I translated, not for relgious reasons but because I knew it.... In fact the Kash would find it quite odd; without cultural explanation-- probably a prayer to a dead ancestor) paramamim ri neleç, endo yarungarona palarandi. endo yarata parangakarundi, endo yamepu parandicati ritan ri hindan oranani ri neleç. mile praveleha letrayu andahambim lerokale, i pranakaha ongalaçmim oranani nile minaka, nile re mile iyongala. i endo ta mikena akrañoniç, mowa min pralolaka alo traleleñeçi. ombi prahati parangakarun, praçaka, pratombar, ri yuno leroç amaraç. endo sañ. Our honored father in (the) heavens, may it be made holy your May it come your hon.-kingdom, may it work your hon-desire here on earth just as in heavens. To us hon-give today our food daily, and hon-pardon our offenses just as them we pardon, them who us offend. And may not we suffer trials, but us hon-protect from evils. Because to-hon-you hon-kingdom (and) hon-power (and) hon-glory, in all days (and) ages. May it be so. Note the (over)use of the honorific prefix pra- ~par-.