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Tesawa update: text in Balalatu alphabet online

From:Thomas Leigh <thomas@...>
Date:Friday, September 6, 2002, 15:00

Continuing in my ever-procrastinated quest to put all my old stuff
online since I haven't had time to create any new languages for years, I
finally scanned the Tesawa translation of "The North Wind and the Sun"
written in the Balalatu script: I find the alphabet
rather unwieldy now, but I thought it was cool when I was 19! Anyway,
there it is, for whoever cares to take a look. Feel free to comment if
you feel like it, though I should mention that I stopped working on this
language years ago, and I'm putting the material online for
archival/illustration purposes, so suggestions for improvement and the
like are liable to be ignored. :)




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