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Esperanto question (A different one! :)

From:Arek Bellagio <zadar@...>
Date:Saturday, September 19, 1998, 15:49

I was just reading some emails in regards to the nonexistence of an 'around'
preposition in regards to 'around the room'.. and I was wondering..

For those of you (if there are any of you out on the mailing list) who speak
Esperanto [fluenty], when you encounter things like:

de la
en la

Do you abbreviate/combine, as how Spanish, Italian, and French does?=20

Like for example..

de + la =3D da?
en + la =3D aun?

Just wondering if something happens like that.. like if fluent speakers use
that as a type of slang.

Also, for words that begin in vowels, do you remove the vowel? Example:

(I'm making up this word.. I don't really know Esperanto that well)

la + akron

Do things like this happen, or are they specifically discouraged in the
'moral' laws of using Esperanto?=20

For example, in Zadri, the pronoun 'we' has two forms: we inclusive, and we
dai, rai
and all present tense (indicative mood) verbs end in -ai, and to prevent the
rather awkward sounding repetion of sounds as found in daitanlai or=
I've allowed for the -ai to be dropped in the pronoun for this pronoun, and
this verb:

d'tanlai, r'daxkai.

Does anyone to anything similar in their respective languages?

In conclusion,
~Arek  -

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