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An Historic Quote

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Saturday, September 19, 1998, 13:49
Ray Brown is in the process of a potentially excellent project. The
development of his "Briefscript". As he mentioned, at one time Dutton
used this term. I don't know in how many instances he used the term
in reference to his Speedwords, but here is the first time I know of.
It is a quote on the cover of his Dutton World Speedwords text book.
Here is what is on the cover of the "original" textbook. Notice the
statement below the main title where Brief-Script is "first(??)"

Ordinary writing
at Shorthand Speed
for all Languages.


This, the only World Brief-Script in
existence, breaks down all the present
language barriers to free international
correspondence between all countries


Hope this little bit of history is of some interest.
Al l sue,
Bob, x+