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Hello I just joined the list...

From:a. koch <k.aleks@...>
Date:Monday, May 6, 2002, 14:56
Hey All,
I'm just going to give myself a short introduction so that if I ever
comment on a conversation some of you might remember something of who
I am. I'm a young one. In fact, I'm only seventeen. I am assuming
most of you are older than my, perhaps all of you. My native tongue
is English (American, New England). I also speak Spanish, Swedish,
and some Portuguese. Then there are the little bits of Serbo-Croat,
German, and Czech which I know as well, though not nearly as well or
much as I'd like. Someday, though, someday...
In any case, I've been working, toying, and otherwise experimenting
with conlangs for the last 4 or 5 years. Actually, it all started (as
I can remember) when I made a script of my own up at the age of about
12 or 13...My memory is so bad I can't quite put a date to when I
started this all.
I am still very interested in scripts and am currently working on
designing a script based off of Archaic Etruscan and my own esthetic
tastes. Anyways, of course I signed up for this list so I'm into
conlangs. I'm also very interested in linguistics pertaining to
actual languages of this world which have spent thousands upon
thousands of years developing.
Well, I haven't got much to say that's all too important and I'm
fairly sure not half of you want to read my ranting...
I guess you can e-mail me personally if you want to talk about
anything, or want to know more about me, or are interested in any of
the work I have done. (I am working on a website now, but that's
definitely not ready now. To the only language I'm really seriously
working on now the word order and other parts of the grammer just
completely changed...lots of reforms. Well, I'll let any of you who
are interested know when the site is ready).
I don't know if my introduction is anything like it should be, or if
I should have one, or how these lists work exactly, however I'm sure
it will all be okay. So, yeah...goodbye.


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