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Re: Hello I just joined the list...

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Friday, May 10, 2002, 17:54
En réponse à a. koch <k.aleks@...>:

> Hey All,
Welcome! OK, usually I'm the first one to welcome new members, but I didn't touch a computer since last Monday (I had my parents visiting :)) ), so this time I won't make it :)) .
> I'm just going to give myself a short introduction so that if I ever > comment on a conversation some of you might remember something of who > I am. I'm a young one. In fact, I'm only seventeen. I am assuming > most of you are older than my, perhaps all of you.
Far from it :)) . As other people already told, 17 is far from the youngest age on this list :)) (I myself am 26, but let's not add anything there :)) ). My native tongue
> is English (American, New England). I also speak Spanish, Swedish, > and some Portuguese. Then there are the little bits of Serbo-Croat, > German, and Czech which I know as well, though not nearly as well or > much as I'd like. Someday, though, someday...
Wow! Nice list! I myself am French, and speak English, some not forgotten bits of Spanish, and slowly making Dutch as my second language (since I now live in the Netherlands and live with a Dutch boyfriend :)) ). I know bits of plenty of other languages, but they are what they are: bits :)) .
> In any case, I've been working, toying, and otherwise experimenting > with conlangs for the last 4 or 5 years. Actually, it all started (as > I can remember) when I made a script of my own up at the age of about > 12 or 13...My memory is so bad I can't quite put a date to when I > started this all.
You began at about the normal age to start conlanging. I myself began around the same age, basically out of boredom in my Latin classes :)) .
> Well, I haven't got much to say that's all too important and I'm > fairly sure not half of you want to read my ranting...
On the contrary! This is what this list is for, allow everyone to listen to the ranting of anyone :)) . As long as it's linguistically related (or better conlang-related), it's OK. And even non-linguistic chat is rather welcome here :)) . The only thing that is really not working here are talks about IAL politics. It always ends in flamewars. Religion may be tricky because of the extreme internationality of the list.
> I guess you can e-mail me personally if you want to talk about > anything, or want to know more about me, or are interested in any of > the work I have done. (I am working on a website now, but that's > definitely not ready now. To the only language I'm really seriously > working on now the word order and other parts of the grammer just > completely changed...lots of reforms. Well, I'll let any of you who > are interested know when the site is ready).
No! No! We are *all* interested in the work you've done. Please share about it to the whole list! <hungry look> :))
> I don't know if my introduction is anything like it should be, or if > I should have one, or how these lists work exactly, however I'm sure > it will all be okay. So, yeah...goodbye. >
It was perfectly OK. You did well pal. Now please share about at least one of your languages :)) . Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.