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Re: Making your language sound nice

From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Sunday, June 15, 2008, 13:30
On 15/06/08 23:22:41, John Vertical wrote:

> Also, I wonder, why's everyone targetting the two-liquid pattern when > his > initial message said "chalal" is not bad? Perhaps the problem with > "chalol" > is actually the final /Ul/? I could see how that would, from an > English > background, seem a bit awkward, especially if the /l/ is [5] here. > Possible > solutions would include introducing a different pre-liquidic > allophone > for > /OU/, maybe plain [O] (tho I can't tell if that would clash with > another > vowel phoneme), or expanding the suffix to something like /lA/ after > a > bimoraic (long) vowel (if /OU/ counts as such?) Or changing the > suffix > stacking order to yield /tSAlAlOU/. Or changing the whole suffix to > something else. Etc. Sky's the limit.
Ironically from my English-speaking background, /O/ and /Ou\/ merge as [Ou] before [5] (and to that can be added /a/ and /o:/ if certain consonants follow the [5]). -- Tristan "Deep down, every thread is a yaept" McLeay