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Re: Making your language sound nice

From:Michael Poxon <mike@...>
Date:Sunday, June 15, 2008, 12:32
Personally, and as someone for whom "linguistic aesthetics" is crucial, I
think that you need the occasional "jar" to make your language have a sense
of realism. Tolkien himself thought that Quenya was too pretty (I'm
paraphrasing him, but that's clearly what he meant). After all, there are
few real-world languages that are completely mellifluous.
Incidentally, is "chalo" related to Romany "Chavi" ?
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Subject: Making your language sound nice

> Hello, > I am a very amateur conlanger. I have been fiddling with making a > language for a few years now. I've lurked on this list and have read some > conlang related websites. I've been working on it on and off (mostly off). > I > was doing pretty well developing my language, but then something happened > that has me kind of stumped. I've been able to come up with root words > that > I like but sometimes when I modify these words using the grammar I > developed > I end up with words that are hard to pronounce or even words that sound > terrible to my ears. It may be easier to explain by example. > > The word chalo (pronounced /tSAlOU/) is the nominative form of the > word meaning "child." The accusative form is chala /tSAlA/. So far, so > good. > Now, I had this idea that other cases would be formed by adding a > consonant > to the end of the word, so that it is possible to have a nominative and > accusative form of each of the other cases. For example, with the locative > suffix -l you can have a nominative-locative, -ol, and an > accusative-locative, -al. So, you can have the word, chalal /tSAlAl/ which > doesn't sound too bad, but the word chalol /tSAlOUl/ sounds kind of ugly > to > me. > > So what is the solution when your own grammar rules yield words > that > sound terrible to you? Do you change the grammar? Change the suffix? > Create > an irregular word? Or do I just need to practice harder at pronouncing my > own language? > > Are there sound harmony rules in languages that I should learn > about? I've read people talking about vowel harmony. > > It seems like no matter what I try I always end up with some > root-suffix combinations that sound really awful to me. Some advice would > be > appreciated. > > Thanks. > > > ... ..... ....... > Michael D. Martin (AKA: Masonheart) > > Master Mason, S. W. Hackett #574 > Free & Accepted Masons of California > > ... ..... ....... > > > > > -- > No virus found in this incoming message. > Checked by AVG. > Version: 7.5.524 / Virus Database: 270.3.0/1503 - Release Date: 14/06/2008 > 18:02 > >


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