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Re: French <chez>

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Monday, January 26, 2004, 9:00
"Chez" seems to come from Latin "casa" used in a
prepositional sense.

According to the Trésor de la Langue française
the main meaning is 'inside, considered as the place
where typical phenomenons take place'.
Main uses:
- in the house of, in the store of, etc.
- inside / among a small community (couple, family)
- inside / among a larger community (city, village,
religion, country)
- among a class of beings that is being described (ex:
chez les mollusques)

The older form was "chiés" (about 1130).

--- Pavel Iosad <edricson@...> wrote:
> Hello, > > > 'Chez' requests normally that what follows is > animated > > (and human). [snip] > > What knowledge of French I have (a rather puny item) > seems to confirm > this. Isn't it like Swedish 'hos'? (Daniel, BP, > Andreas, Jessica, > anyone?). > > On the other hand, _chez_ does look a lot like if it > might be descended > from _casâ_ (ablative, with the Romance ablative > shift)? Can anyone > confrim/deny? > > Pavel > -- > Pavel Iosad > > Nid byd, byd heb wybodaeth > --Welsh saying
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