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Re: CHATter: Re: Hanuman Mantra (was Re: I'm back!)

From:Dan Jones <dan@...>
Date:Thursday, January 17, 2002, 1:42
J Y S Czhang escreva:
>(i.e. I am gonna translate "Yes, life sucks. So >when do I coum?" into Lego sometime. Anyone else wanna translate this pithy >statement into their conlangs???).
With one alteration to this phrase, it works quite, erm, "well" in Carashan: sea, la vita braneila, pe, coan vendrao? Literally, "life masturbates, so, when do I come?", "suck" is not used in the same sense as American English. Dan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ semo la flamma, semo la casea semo la tuta, semo la cambea We are the spark, we are the flame We are the people, we are the change