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From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, December 24, 2004, 12:25
I'm fiddling around with the Old Føtisk nominal inflexions or whatever
we call them, and just want to know if /dZ/+/s/ -> [tSs] at the end of
a word is perfectly cromulent?

At the moment, most genitive singular and nominative plural are formed
in part by adding -s to the end of a word. Voiced phonemes are
devoiced. If the word already ends in -s, it doesn't get an extra one.
If it ends in <ch> /x/, it becomes
<x> /ks/. (Words spelt with -x lost their schwa plenty earlier than the

So basically... (using singular root -> genitive singular)
  Jab-   /jab/   -> Jabbes /japs/
  Hreng- /hreNg/ -> Hrenx  /hrenks/
  Vach-  /vax/   -> Vax    /vaks/
  Fax-   /faks/  -> Faxes  /faks/
  Hoss-  /hos/   -> Hosses /hos/
  Har-   /har/   -> Harres /hars/

Obviously, we get
  Hrøgj- /hr2dZ/ -> Hrøgjes
with an expected pronunciation of [hr2tSs]. My English intuition tells
me that's naughty, but is my English intuition the one who's being bad?
Can anyone suggest anything better to do with it? I'm tempted to make
it [hr2ts]...

(The language lacks a /tS/ phoneme.)



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