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OT: Merry Christmas!

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Friday, December 24, 2004, 11:22
Manisu! [1]

Vayam le hanuayang 'mesirutadayon eternu' eban nay
mepericyanon ehiro emino! [2]

It's raining here, so again no white Christmas this year.

Nevertheless, ...
 - Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesegnetes neues Jahr 2005!
 - Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2005!
 - Joyeux Noël et une bonne nouvelle année 2005!

Yomu eban, [3]
  Carsten  o<(:)E
               `------- That should be a Santa smiley ;)

[1] Be greeted!

[2] I wish you a good "sacred evening" and a happy new year!
    2pl.BEN TRG:PAT(ia) wish.1sg.AGT "a(PAT)=evening=TRG(ia)
    PAT(ia).sacred" PAT(ia).good and a(PAT)=year=TRG(ia)
    PAT(ia).new PAT(ia).happy

[3] Do well,
    do.IMP PAT(ia).good


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