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Non-Human Features?

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Monday, January 6, 2003, 8:27
As I've been making my languages, I've come up with many features that (at
the time) seemed perfectly normal to me.  But when I tried to come up with
names for them, there didn't seem to be any already in existence.  Perhaps
they are features that no one has in the real world.  Interesting to me,
anyway.  Here are some of them.

Root Repetition
Where an affix contains something based on the form of the root.  For
example, in Teuthurev, the affix meaning "the ordinary kind of X" is -ASth,
where A is an approximant version of the final root consonant and S is the
strong version of the root vowel.  So if the root is "tac", the whole word
is "tacwauth".  If the root were "ep", the whole word would be "eprith".

Number - Entire
Indicating all instances of the object, as opposed to plural, singular, etc.
Found in many of my languages.  In one case, it developed from the adjective
meaning "all" that lost most of its sounds and attached to the noun.

Number - Natural
Meaning a natural amount of Xs.  If the object in question is normally found
alone, it means one.  If it is normally found in large groups, it means a
large group.  If the object is imaginary or impossible, it means none at
all.  Found in Teuthurev and Ilgoen.

Case - Imitative
To mean "in the manner of X".  So Tuscan cooking would be "cooking
Tuscany-imitative".  To walk like a penguin would be "walk
penguin-imitative".  Found in Morgenon and western Tunugruc languages.

Case - Transformative
For "becoming X" or "turning into X".  For example, "I made the wool *into
cloth*."  Found in Morgenon and continental Tunugruc languages.

Case - Ingeminate
For a noun that is the object of the first verb and the subject of the
second.  For example, "I see *you* washing the car."  "He wants *the dog* to
go outside."  This is in the Tazhnakt languages.

Case - Prescriptive
Meaning "acting on X's orders" or "as X wishes".  In the oldest Tunugruc

Case - Alternative
Meaning "in place of X".  In the continental Tunugruc languages.

Motion - Transitive
I've got allative (towards) and ablative (away from) variants of various
spatial cases.  But in the Morgenon and Ilgoen languages there's a
transitive (through) motion form.

An affix for the quality of having been acted upon by X.  For example:
breaker > brokenness.  Found in Teuthurev.

I've made up Latin-ish names for most of these, but I'm not sure if they
make sense.  All of the concepts work fine for me.  I'd like to know if
you've ever seen any of them anywhere else.



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