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Re: USAGE: Unusual language

From:R. Skrintha <srik@...>
Date:Friday, October 16, 1998, 3:27

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Tom Wier wrote:

> I need some help gathering information about a rather unusual language. > The language is spoken in India, and seems to be some sort of Gujarat > correlate to Urdu, that is, the language bears the same relationship to > Gujarat that Urdu does to Hindi: it's based grammatically (I think) on > Gujarat, but has a large infusion of Arabic lexical items, as I think it is > spoken mainly by Muslims there. The names it seems to go by are: > > 1. dawat-ni-zabaan > 2. lisan-ud-dawat
Perhaps these names apply to a transitional dialect between Sindhi and Gujarati, spoken by Muslims. Dialectal variations among religious communities exist in Gujarati (Hindus, Muslims and Parsis) but the predominant variations are between literary and colloquial forms. The standard Vicholi dialect of Sindhi is spoken in the Sind province of Pakistan, and has a large number of Arabic/Perisan loadwords. The Kacchi ("Kutchee") dialect is spoken in the regions of Rann of Kutch and Kathiawar peninsula in the state of Gujarat, India. Muslims use the Arabic script while Hindus use a form that closely resembles the Devana^gari script, like Gujarati. All these languages including Rajasthani, Lahnda, Urdu and Panjabi are classed as Indo-Aryan, but except perhaps for Rajasthani, all the others show strong Islamic lexical influence due to Muslim rule for many centuries. Regards, skrintha