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Going on a trip...

From:nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
Date:Thursday, February 15, 2001, 0:04
Hi guys,

I know I've been quiet lately, but Real Life has really been catching up
with me.  Unfortunately, I'm *still* waiting on the tshirts, and I'm
sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused people.  I'm leaving
for Italy on Friday the 16 and am due back on Saturday the 24, so I'll
be setting conlang to nomail in a few minutes.  In case anyone needs to
drop me a line, email me privately at, or (as I've
heard some people have problems with this) at
When I get back I hope to have more recent word on the tshirt
situation.  Ciao!


ps -- I'm excited to get to try out my oh-so-imperfect Italian, I've
been practicing for a while in anticipation of this trip.  Hopefully
it'll work out okay.