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On blocking the list (was Re: viruses after the downtime?)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, January 30, 2004, 18:37
John Cowan wrote:
> And the delays in freeing the list have nothing to do with the virus; > it's just that I occasionally get a life. >
The list blockages have at least one benefit: they cause us all to pause and think, "is this response necessary?" However-- and I know this has come up before, and been shot down for various reasons--- Why not increase the daily limit? During the many times of low traffic it wouldn't make any difference (or would it? I don't know how list-management works....), and during the few times of high traffic it would prevent blockages. Thus, we subscribers could receive a continuous flow of Pearls of Wisdom , and H.E. the Lord of the Instrumentality could enjoy his Life unimpeded.


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